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Who is working on Pegasus?
The team behind the game is made up of a small group of friends with experience in Blockchain, networking, programming, game development. We saw the need to create a medieval looking NFT MMORPG game
Alberto Fuentes
Maicol M
Yuri schultz
Laurens D
Founder and owner,
Alberto Colmenero, is an entrepreneur with vision, he became interested in the crypto sector more than 5 years ago, he is an expert in marketing, he is the head of the Pegasus project, together with the other collaborators they created the project, expert in marketing, web positioning and development of web applications
Blockchain Developer -
Maicol M is part of the team of developers that has the Pegasus team
I have been working on smart contracts for more than 8 years and is an expert in telecommunications and blockchain
Blockchain marketing . Game Dev
Yuri Schultz is an ad and marketing expert who has worked over 10 years on SEO marketing skills in php html smart contracts he is the most knowledgeable person, he owns an old private l2 server game.
Blockchain Tokenomics
Laurens D is the person who finances part of the Pegasus project owner of multiple companies in the world is in charge of tokenomics and project financing
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