Pegasus docs
Armor Weapons
in the game we have different types of armor, weapons and jewelry
the armors depend on each class example
Mages you use the armor of type robe Feoh archmage Feoh Soultaker Feoh Mystic Muse Feoh Storm Screamer Feoh Soulhound
if you are daggero or archers use ligth armor Warriors Daggers Othell Adventurer Othell Wind Rider Othell Ghost Hunter Othell Fortune Seeker Yul sagittarius Yul Moonlight Sentinel Yul Ghost Sentinel Yul Trickster
Tanks and Warriors in this category heavy armor Sigel hell knight Sigel Phoenix Knight Sigel Eva's Templar Sigel Shillien Templar Tyrr Dreadnought Tyrr duelist Tyrr Titan Tyrr Grand Khavatari Tyrr Master Tyrr doombringer
Grade S armor and weapons are the best in the game there are several Grade S types that have a different internal value
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